Rotary Drum Convection Dryer SBRK is designed for drying:

  • food products (eg. extrudates or herbs);
  • by-products of agriculture, farming and forestry (eg. biomass, straw);
  • minerals;
  • food processing by-products (eg. fruit and vegetable bagasse);
  • municipal and industrial waste;

During the drying proces the material moves inside the rotary drum. The heat treatment of the materia lis conducted using heated air from the heater (gas/oil/biomass/electricity).

Technical parameters
  • Maximum power output 1000 kW.
  • Each dryer is tailored to individual needs of our customers.

Rotary Drum Radiant Dryer SBRPr is used for drying all types of particulate materials such as lint-free extrudates, green plants such as herbs, foods and industrial pellets. Perfect for processing fruit and vegetable pomace, drying fruits and vegetables or spent grains for malting.

The drying process takes place during the movement of material in a perforated rotating drum and is conducted by infrared and convection heating.

Out of all of our drum dryers the Radiant Convection Rotary Dryer has the highest energy efficiency of up 90%.

The high drying energy efficiency and the use of perforations in the drum results in very intensive evaporation process and increased speed of the process.

Depending on the capacity of the drum and the installed heating power the device can reach the capacity of up to 0.8 mg/h.

Technical parameters
  • Maximum power output 600 kW
  • Each dryer is tailored to individual needs of our customer’s.