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The installation has 8 drying stations on which 8 bales or 4 cubes can be dried simultaneously. The installation consists of a heater that supplies two expansion channels to the heated air. In each expansion duct there are 4 drying stations. The drying process consists of feeding the heated air from the heater to the expansion channel at a speed above 6 m/s. Using a forklift with a grabber, the bales/cubes are set and fixed in the drying stands.

The air pressure in the expansion duct is 2500 Pa. The pressure pushes the air into the bale/cube. The air flows through the bale/cube drying it and draining the water vapor.

The installation works in continuous or batch mode. Each drying station works independently.

The control of the dryer’s operation is based on the use of modern automation systems. The control cabinet is equipped with a modern 7 “LCD touch screen. The drying process is recorded with the possibility of remote monitoring and control.

We adjust the efficiency of the installation on request. Possible options include installation for a minimum of 2 drying stations.