At present, drying is experiencing a renaissance. Food processors as well as farmers are starting to get convinced that drying is an ideal solution for their business profile. Drying not only allows for a significantly extended storage time of food, but also for better preservation of nutritional properties of food. What's more, dried fruit and vegetable is characterized by low level of processing, which is particularly important for consumers who pay attention to information stated on the label. There is no need to use flavor enhancers or preservatives to obtain dried product that is attractive to the demanding consumer.

Drying is definitely a development direction for food industry.

In order to produce the best-quality drier that will be able to compete with conventional snacks, the processor should equip his plant with appropriate equipment, such as:
- fruit dryer, eg: apples, pears, blackcurrant, strawberry, oranges, lemons, berries, raspberries, mangoes, plums - vegetables dryer, eg: carrots, potatoes, artichokes, black garlic, onions, parsley and beets - meat dryer, e.g: beef - herbal dryer, e.g: hemp - mushroom dryer, e.g: mushrooms and other edible mushrooms
Our dryers can be used comprehensively. With an appropriate technical adjustment, our single dryer can be used for a variety of materials, without the need to buy a separate dryer for each type of dried material.
Our dryers evaporate water using such methods as: - convective drying - vacuum drying - contact drying - infrared (IR) drying
We also offer dryers combining more than one method of drying, e.g. a contact-convection dryer, which works well for drying fruit pulp. Drying can be carried out in dryers of various construction, depending on the customer's needs, or even customer premises - we adapt each dryer in accordance with the client's requirements.
We design and build machines such as: - belt dryer - tunnel dryer - chamber dryer - tumble dryer - bale dryer - container dryer
We provide our clients with knowledge in the selection of the type of dryer, its power and efficiency, as well as in the selection of the correct manufacturing technology.